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PIT Rally event on August 2nd


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9 July 2010
Fountain Valley, Ca.
The people at PIT Rally has reach out to me about an event they have invited NSX owners to attend. Below is what they sent to me. For more info please go to their website or contact Rick, info listed at the bottom.

Hi Les,

We're holding an event on Saturday, August 2nd that is growing to be one of the largest automotive experiences in Colorado! Since this is in the Southwest Region, I was told you were the person I need to speak with.
We're holding a hillclimb that is over 7 miles long, 4 lanes wide and ends in the town of Central City, CO. The town has allowed us to close several streets and lots to place automotive enthusiast vendors, entertainment, etc. Also, many of local businesses and casinos are hosting after parties for attendees and those participating in the race! It's going to be a crazy event, and we wanted to extend NSXCA an invitation.

The event is completely free to come and spectate, as well as tour all of the booths and vendors. We also have specific club parking (also would be free parking to those clubs participating) on the top 3 levels of a participating casino's parking garage...they offer some beautiful views with some great cars as company.

As we're huge fans of NSXs (just like most people), we would like to see them properly represented at the event! Again, it's free...the only thing we would need is a car count ahead of time to ensure we have adequate space. Feel free to ask me any questions.

If they want to gather some NSXs and make group cruise, have one of them reach
out to me and I can make sure they're parking is setup.

Rick Douglas
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