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Please advise on this NSX! jh4na1155mt002591

29 April 2005
Salt Lake City, UT

There is an 91 NSX at a private local dealer in Utah with 55k (jh4na1155mt002591). The car is in snapring range but has been "updated" at an Acura dealer. I assume that means it had the preventive service done. It also got quite a few other major services done in the past 2 months, including: new clutch, new timing belt, new water pump, new hoses, and complete valve job.

I test drove the car and it felt solid although that was the first time I've driven an NSX. It's supposed to have had only one owner in Tennessee. I did notice some cosmetic defects: slit visor, 2 cracks in the dash (I heard that it's expensive to replace the dash), broken plastic vent on driver's door (please see pictures below). Also I thought that the car is sitting about 1-2 inches higher off the ground than normal. Am I just imagining things?

The dealer is asking for $31000. I offered $28500 in cash and was refused immediately. The car is located in Utah. Please advise. Thanks, guys and gals.

Cracks in the dash:

Broken plastic vent:

Too high off the ground????




Comes with stock wheels as well:

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Re: Please advise on this NSX!

1. The door vent is an extremely easy thing to fix yourself and probably cheap too. (under $50) You can go to erzcar.com and probably get one cheap.

2. It does look a little high off the ground especially with the OEM wheels on it.

3. I am assuming by the picture that you mean cracks in the center console and not cracks in the dash. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any cracks in the center console, but bubbling and wrinkling of the metallic film that is the console's finish which is very common for a NSX of it's age. It is easy to remove and take to a body shop and have them paint it for you for a couple hundred bucks.

4. Don't assume anything with the snap ring and have it inspected. For all you know they could have spend the $5 on the snap ring itself and replaced it only which doesn't fix the problem at all.
Thanks for your response. The "center console" (thanks for correcting me on that one :smile: ) has a couple of cracks along with the bubbles and wrinkles. I'm not sure what happened. I talked to the Acura mechanic who serviced the car (who happens to drive an NSX and highly recommends this website) and he said it was a good car after checking it out 2 weeks ago.
Asthetic things can be fixed fairly easily if you know where to look, but the engine is a different story. Make sure it was well taken care of mechanically. I would not go so far as Dave saying it was a 24-25k car, but I think your offer was fair based on what you saw wrong. You would need to spend some money to get it right.