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Please Take Caution!!!

6 June 2003
Angleton, Texas
I know most of you have other cars for daily drivers besides the NSX like I do. Please take note that if you drive and SUV or PU to put a gaurd over your Cats!! Ours were stolen off our 4Runner along with both O2 sensors costing us $989 at midas and $1600 if we were to go to Toyota. When I went to get it fixed I was the 4th car that day at Midas. One was stolen at the Mall and even a school parking lot. The crack heads doing this get $50-$60 per Cat and really ruins your day except if you like the way your car sounds like a dragster when you drive off :rolleyes: Yesterday I had a guy tack weld a skid plate for $50 so they can't saw it off anymore.

I guess since trucks and such are high they can just slide underneath and saw it off.I never really thought anyone would think of the idea of stealing cat converters though.lol.
I just saw something about this on the news the other night. They reported that a company in Houston with a small fleet of white vans had their cats stolen. It was about 50 cats total. They broke into the private lot and sawed each one of them off in one night with a battery powered saw.
cause most people doesn't know there are platium in it. That's what something government wants to take back.
take back? like Roosevelt did when he devalued the dollar?

Presidential Executive Order 6102, Section 2. -- All persons are hereby required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, to a Federal Reserve bank or a branch or agency thereof or to any member bank of the Federal Reserve System all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates now owned by them...

As someone mentioned, this is happening a lot in CA. From what I've read, they target Toyota SUVs and truck (mostly 4Runner). Not sure why that make/model, but possibly because access to the cat is easy.
Your home AC isn't safe either, as people are breaking into them for the brass & copper.
8 vans (commercial) were victims two or three weeks ago in NY all done in one weekend.
Thieves are being reimbursed up to $200 here. :eek:
Good luck....I have straight pipes...:wink: