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Pre-97 Mod: Supercharger or 6 Speed

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Just kidding... hey I'd like to see some pictures of you brake mod. better yet all your mods.

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Originally posted by ---Litespeed---:
...which was dynoed over 750hp and 685 torque...

It seems David is on to something... I was suspicious when I saw the 685 Lbs. of torque. I didn't think those engines produced those kinds of twisting forces. I'm fairly familiar with specs of the modern F1 engines and they're typically in the neighborhood of 800 HP @ 250 lbs/ft. Lightweight cars with high revving motors don't need, nor can they produce, enormous amounts of torque. Does anyone know what these Comptech-built Aurora Indy motors produce?

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You know, thats true...750hp and 685 lb-ft of Torque would have to equal to some SERIOUS bottom end grunt.

I think it was something like Torque*RPM/5252=Horsepower right?
So 685 * (unknown peak RPM)/5252=750..
Solve for that and you get..
5750rpm's or so..thats quite an impressively low Torque peak for an Indy Engine since if I recall right their operating range is something like 11K Rpm's...

Heck I remember seeing an Ad for a Twin Turbo Diablo that was barely pushing 500lb-ft of Torque and 750hp...I'd be awfully impressed if an INDY 4.0V-8 put out more Torque than a Twin Turbo'd 5.7L V-12 at lower RPM's for that matter...
david: is litespeed's price estimate accurate(regarding the comptech aurora}and do you know if it will fit easily in an nsx? thanks in advance for your reply and for all the other wisdom you have bestowed upon us.
The Aurora motors run $100K to $120k new, depending on how many you buy, etc. $20K for one that would even turn over is dubious at best, especially given that most teams expect to rebuild each motor every few events or so. To go that cheap, it would probably have to be in a condition that made someone think it wasn't worth rebuilding.

'Detuning" it to run gas would mean lower compresion pistons and a bit of work to the fuel system. Remember, these motors are designed to run on Methanol. Not a modification that would be cheap. Also, you would need the full electronics/engine management package to make it run. That is not a cheap system on an Indy motor. Keep in mind that even a high-end street system (eg. Motec) can run five to ten grand.

I have no idea if it would fit in the NSX engine bay, but it would be a lot of work. Just getting a tranny to hook up would be a real chore. You couldn't use the front end of the original Indy tranny for a bunch of reasons, primarily because it is longitudinal.
I bet shoehorning in that 4.0L V-8 would be pretty tough too. The NSX engine bay is pretty dang tight (ever tried changing spark plugs in there??) I dont think you'd be able to fit 2 more cylinders without some serious help..