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Pretty good gas options on Oahu

20 January 2004
I was doing a bit of searching around and it seems like Oahu actually has it pretty good in terms of gas options. After driving 77K miles and spending $10,500 on 3036 gallons of gas over the past two years, I've come up with the following criteria/mix of search tools for selecting gas stations:

-price, of course: http://www.gasbuddy.com/ (this is also a good tool for checking the availability of premium octanes ~ typically not an issue but some states are pretty pathetic in this regard, such as Texas)

-Top Tier gas vendor: http://www.toptiergas.com/retailers/ (if you're going to spend good money on fuel anyways, it might as well be detergent gasoline right?)

-ethanol-free options? http://pure-gas.org/ (a little more bang for the buck)

Hawai'i as a state in general apparently has a lot of ethanol-free options, which was surprising. Far more ethanol-free stations than I've ever seen in any other area I've traveled through. Couple that with the fact that so many are also Top Tier gas vendors and I present to you the list below ~ "best gas stations on Oahu":

Ewa Beach ALOHA Aloha Foodland Gas at 91-1401 Ft Weaver Rd
Honolulu UNION 76 76 at 2105 S. King
Honolulu UNION 76 Koko Marina 76 at 234 Lunalilo Home Rd
Honolulu UNION 76 Mccully Union 76 at 2105 S King St
Honolulu UNION 76 Mccully Union Service 2105 S Beretania St (bonus: supposedly also has 100/110 octane race gas)
Kaneohe ALOHA Heeia Kea Pier Gen. Store at 46-499 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe SHELL Kaneohe Gas & Food Mart at 45-1039 Kamehameha Hwy
Pearl City UNION 76 Pearl City 76 at 826 Kamehameha Hwy
Waianae ALOHA Aloha 7-11 at 85-830 Farrington Hwy
Waimea SHELL Waimea Shell at 9862 Kaumualii Hwy

I am going to be switching to the McCully 76 station for the next few weeks and see if there is an improvement over the Costco gas I've been filling up with in Kapolei. Gas prices honestly don't seem to vary much from one part of the island to another unless I fuel up with a discount retailer (e.g. Costco is about $0.20 cheaper per gallon). If there isn't a marked improvement in MPG or obvious performance from using one of the ethanol-free options, I'll just switch back.

Results soon!
So kinda bad news. After driving around all over the island it turns out that every place with ethanol-free gas only offers it in 89 octane. I am under the impression that they also all get the ethanol free gas from a single source. I suppose we can use the 89 and then dump in octane boosters but I feel like that is too much trouble compared to just accepting the 92 detergent fuel from one of the Top Tier retailers. I switched back to Costco gas last week.

On a related note though, the 76 in McCully does indeed offer race gas, so there's that.
I know the legislators were thinking about ending the ethanol additive thing, so hopefully one day soon we won't have the 10% ethanol anymore.