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Pride V2RFL Installed With Pics and Videos

23 June 2002
San Jose, Ca
For those familiar with Pride, I will save the trouble in going into details on the craftsmanship of the exhaust system and incredible customer service that Mark provides. I've been more than satisfied with all my Pride purchases.


Upgrading from V2 to RFL
Having owned the V2 for approximately 6 months, I was perfectly happy and content with the exhaust. The only thing I wanted was a bit more volume as much of the exhaust note stayed outside the car and too much away from inside the cabin. Because of that, I reached out to Mark for a solution and had originally planned for a set of RTP. Now for anyone that lives in California, we know how strict our emissions law can be, and while the chances of being caught by a CHP was slim, the thought of increasing exhaust smell for the sake of sound just didn’t appeal to me.

After a few weeks of debate, Mark mentioned the RFL may be what I’m looking for, but did forewarn me the volume increase from V2 would be approximately 50%. On the flip side however, is that I get to keep my factory cats and still have the volume increase.

Two weeks later… the RFL was installed


To Upgrade or Not
Now with any video, it never does any exhaust recording any justice. In short, I think the RFL can be considered as a V2 Plus. The exhaust note is deeper in the low end, more high pitched at WOT. If I had to guess, I would say 30% difference, but not as much as I thought at Mark’s suggested 50%. The known droning at around 2k is still there, but quickly disappears as soon as I clear 2500rpm. As cruising speeds are well above 3k, droning is never an issue for me.

In terms of sound difference between V2 and RFL, a friend of mine felt the V2 has a smoother “tuned” sound while the RFL was more “raw”, especially in the upper RPM range. In either case, I don’t think you can go wrong with the V2 or RFL. Both are great products in their own way, so it really comes down to preference.

In the upcoming weeks, I plan to do a side by side comparison with my friends V2 + Pride HFC and my RFL + Factory Cats
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I like my V2 exhaust. I agree with your friend that, based on your video, it does sound smoother (the V2 that is). I'm curious what your long term results will be.