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Prime Job Networking

25 October 2001
Northern California
Given the relatively tight network of owners and enthusiasts on Prime forums, just curious how many of you (non-vendors) have received or referred employment opportunities through Prime connections - and I am not asking about pro-bono help either.

With this recession I have read several times of prime members being laid off work. Is there value to have in the off-topic/experts exchange job listings or job wanted ads by prime members? Or are we opening a can of warms with abuse? Just asking.
I think it would be a great idea - and I would love to know what the qualifications are of those looking for possible employment or interested in relocation. If the fit is right, I could help out someone easily here in the DC area. My company is hiring for a TON of new positions in IT.
I was just thinking for this!
I'll start :)

My LinkedIn Profile: http://tinyurl.com/9wlaavq (feel free to connect or facebook). As I'm in process of moving to Texas.... I am open to new full-time opportunities, with a preference in technical management with a security component.

Any thoughts/feedback/opportunity recommendations are highly appreciated. I worked @ Microsoft for quite some time and have contacts there in case someone wants to apply. PM me for my thoughts though.. :)
I am with you...you brought up a great topic. We can definitely help each other. How about create a linkedin group or something?
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