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Proformance track day

I would like a chance to get my car out on the track. What do I need to do? Is there a internet site to sign up? I have been out to sears point raceway before but not with the nsx. I would like a day to get to know how the car handles without to much worry about getting in someones way or getting ran over.
Other plans, BMW and PCA that weekend.

weekend?? you are busting my balls, buddy..........:biggrin:

blkdmd, I'll be responsible with June meet/track day. We will possibly join the Alfa Romeo day or Speedware. Both required some sort of prior track experience. (Well Alfa might give us some slack.)

Not to mention NSXPO will be at the same track in September.

I'll say joining with proformance this month for novice training would be the best timing.