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Question about washing NSX car cover

28 April 2000
SF Bay Area / Boston MA
Do any of you guys wash your car cover?
I purchased the car cover with the car used, and the cover appears to have been used several times.
It seems pretty dusty and I was worried that the sand or dust on the cover could scratch the paint. Please advise if the cover is washable.


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all car covers will scratch your paint if you use it after you driven the car. This really shows up on dark color cars. I only use the car cover if i do not drive a car for a while and after a nice wash and wax job
I belive the car cover should have somekind of washing instruction on the tag...most of them are machine washable and dry on low heat or just let it sit out in the sun to dry.
Yes, when improperly used, car covers can scratch your paint finish. But car covers can also preserve the finish of your car, if you do not have a garage available. If you have to park the NSX outside, your car will be subjected to ongoing punishment no matter where you live, guaranteed. Cats will jump on cars, scratching the paint as they go. The nicer the paint, the more they like to jump on it, clawing slowly intyo the piant as as they slide off the fenders. Racoons, opossums and squirrels do the same. I have seen birds scratch car paint with thier claws while pecking at thier image in side view mirrors. I have seen bird droppings etch right through the clear coat and into the color. I have seen pine cones and dried magnolia tree flowers pound on car roofs. A car cover will prevent accumulation of mineral deposits from sprinkler water droplets. A car cover can even protect from light hail stones. A cabled and locked car cover acts as a theft deterrent. A good outdoor car cover made of Noah material is waterproof and breathable and will prevent water, oil, dust, dirt, tree sap, etc. from collecting on the car. No, I am not in the car cover business, but I do practice what I preach here. I do look forward to having a garage, but for now I'll use a car cover while my pristine NSX is outside!
Thanks for your advice. I am going to wash my NSX cover as soon as possible before putting it on again. I think I may have scratched the car already. I also need a major wash and wax job done as well. I really suck at the maintanence bit. I have a very dusty carport and not a closed garage. What was really lame this week was that, the condominium behind mine was repainting the entire building with spray paint! Good thing I took the car out of the carport before they begun. For this week, I'm leaving my NSX open at my office parking lot.