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Racing Bad For The NSX

18 August 2000
Pittsburgh, PA US
Hi all,

I have a 1991 with 30K miles. It runs great and has a solid tight ride. I've been wanting to run it in a local autocross club. It's just driving through a course trying to get your best time. A friend of mine said "why do you want to ruin your NSX?" implying that racing it will be "beating up" the car. I would think that the car could handle this kind of driving. Other than wear items (tires, brakes, etc.) I would think it would be ok. Am I right? Is he? What can I expect to be stressed more than normal daily driving?


Autocross your NSX to your hearts delight. I've autocrossed my 91 Silver several times. The cars were built for this and open tracking. I doubt you could "ruin" your NSX at an autocross. Perhaps your buddy has a mindset that anything other than street driving will damage the car.

I ran the living daylights outta my '91 at the track. (2-3 Track events a month) and had NO problems with the car whatsoever. The NSX is bulletproof when it comes to track driving.

It just goes through tires and brake's realy fast.
I think the biggest "problem" with racing or tracking your NSX is the potential for stone chips.

Of course, this can be minimized with bras, protective coverings, etc.


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Let's be real here. The NSX is a great car and is made to be driven hard for fun. But that is what racing is, driving hard. It does add wear and tear to the engine, drivetrain, suspension etc. There are those who feel all of the above will "ruin" a car. But that is a matter of opinion. I know I bought my car to enjoy it, and that means driving it harder than gentle cruises on the highway (like the previous owner did). Will I age all moving parts faster as a result of my choice of driving style? Absolutely yes. But good maintenance practices should allow me to do this for literally 10's to 100's of thousands of miles. So Jim, you can tell your friend that you might wear some replaceable components in the car out faster than grandma or he would, but you are going to have a lot more fun in the mean time. Enjoy!!!!!

You can enjoy your car at the track with minimal impact on wear but you would be smart to follow some extra preventative maintanence. Use fresh fluids and change them often. Keep a close watch on your oil level while competing. Do a compression and leak down test yearly. There was a good right up of these procedures by a Comptech employee, perhaps it is in the FAQ.
A minute of autocrossing a car is obviously a lot harder on it than a minute of cruising on the Interstate.

However, if the car is properly maintained and it is warmed up thoroughly before each run, you aren't actually hurting anything, just increasing a little wear here and there.
Just bare in mind that at the track, anything can (and will) happen. Someone can ruin your NSX for you.
Major Stoner, you don't have to be on a track to have someone "ruin" your NSX. I had a station wagon that got smacked 3 different times. Twice it was legally parked when it got hit. Once by a guy backing out of his parking spot in a parking lot, and the other by a speeding drunk that lost control turning onto my street, he moved my car from the driveway onto my lawn.
I've got about 60 track events on my NSX. Not just autocross, but high-speed road courses. It doesn't "ruin" anything except for the "consumable" parts that need replacement from use.

Number of total miles: 51,577.
Number of actual track miles: 8,415.
Number of front brake pad changes: 18.
Number of rear brake pad changes: 10.
Number of front rotor changes: 9.
Number of rear rotor changes: 0.
Number of front tire changes: 4.
Number of rear tire changes: 11.
Number of smiles: Countless.
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