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real estate help

21 October 2003
sunny so cal
I have an opportunity to purchase a home in Oregon at a very good price but dont know if its a good idea since I live i California. If I do purchase it, I will be renting it out.

What are the pro's & con's of owning a home out of state?
I've done that in the past. Once I even lived outside the country. The major factor is your tennent. It could end up being a complete pain (and financial bust) if you don't have the proper person in your house.

If you're worried, you might consider a rent to own. These types of rentals usually attract a person that will take better care of your property.

Good luck.
I have been eyeing on Oregon for about 6 months now...and their homes are slowly appreciating. Sellers are getting what they are asking for...usually about 5 bidders...but nothing spectacular like CA. A coworker had to bid $5,000 over asking price and he got it. I just don't see anything out there in OR...the weather sucks. The way I see it..if you lose a job out there, then there's not many options to find another job.