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Rear Cabin Glass

22 November 2004
Can anyone tell me whether or not the piece of glass that seperates the interior of the car from the rear hatch servers any structural purpose?

Does anyone know what the purpose of putting it there was?
not sure about structural propose but keeping engine heat and fumes out of the interior is pretty important.
If you look under the hatch cover, the engine is exposed in open air (underneath the car) There's no covers underneath the engine compartment. You could also see that the engine cover is not air tight. Now if you take the Cabin Glass off, your interior will expose to the open air. Unless you are in an area with no climate changes nor rain, fog, and you can make sure nothing can claw into your car... and you also don't mind your heater/ AC will never work...
After doing a holeshot with sticky tires . . .


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Im amazed at how many people look at my car with my rear hatch opened, and NOT realize that there's a glass there. I get more "it must be hot and loud inside that cabin" comments than anything. Once at an autocross, some porsche driver claimed that my car was unqualified to run because of the exposure to the engine from the cabin. He even walked a judge over to my car and attempted to put his fist through what he thought was an opening between the engine and cabin. Of course, not expecting an impact with glass, he didnt stiffen his knuckles up and BAM. A nice way to make an ass out of yourself in public, i must say.
Little did he know, he had to watch that piece of glass in front of him the whole day around the track. :biggrin:
NSXnBRLA said:
Im amazed at how many people look at my car with my rear hatch opened, and NOT realize that there's a glass there.
That's odd; that never happens with my car. Maybe it's because that's where I have my NSXPO '97 sticker, and my NSXPO '98 sticker, and my... :D
Aside from whatever structural support tempered glass (as opposed to Lexan) might add, I would think keeping an exhaust leak from entering the cabin :eek: would be a big safety issue. Sitting in bad traffic would keep the gases trapped in the car. This effect could also occur with some custom exhausts.