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Rear Tail lights (All 3 - Acura Symbol on center)

10 September 2014
Bakersfield, CA - Hedgerley Green, UK
Rear Tail lights (All 3 - Acura Symbol on center)

Rear Tail lights with bulbs (Working).

I am not sure if these have any of the condensation issues others have talked about as I don't take this out in the rain (unless I get stuck out in it) and it is always garaged. Being a So Cal car, this just doesn't see rain all that much. They do not condense when I wash it, but that is not very indicative of a problem.
Bulbs have been replaced once, but I cannot remember the exact date. They all worked when I removed them in October.
The seals seem intact to me, but may need to be replaced. No cracks that I am aware of, although I did not go over them with a magnifying glass.

Donor vehicle information: VIN # JH4NA1151PT000082
Red 1993 Acura NSX. 132,000 miles. I am the 2nd owner and have owned this vehicle for 18 years. Garaged 99% of the time. The only products used on this vehicle are of the following; Mother's, Mobile 1, Purple Power, MeGuiars, Connely leather products, Invisible Glass, and OEM Acura.
Payment details:
I prefer wire transfers for anything over $1000.00 but I do accept PayPal.
If using PayPal, please add 3% to the transaction. If selling to any EU Residents I can accept credit or debit cards and PayPal. I MUST by law collect VAT if using any Credit or Debit cards as I am VAT Registered. (I am really sorry for this).

Shipping details:
I will always prefer to have a local pick-up and a cash transaction in Southern California (10 minutes away from the Ontario airport) but will ship to anywhere in North America or the EU. I will NOT ship to or collect payment from any other region so please do not ask.

List Date: 12/30/2014
Location: Riverside County, CA, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Rear Tail lights (All 3 - Acura Symbol on center)
On Sale For: $744.15 (Local Pickup Only)


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