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Rear view mirror

1 April 2003
I want to get a new rear view mirror. Mine has the visible round blemishes and the clarity is not very good anymore. Does anyone have the OEM part number handy? I have seen these on Ebay for around $100, but want to make sure it is the OEM part?
I went with a Spoon wide mirror lens that simply fits over the OEM mirror glass. It's cheap, still looks stock, and is actually an improvement. Here's a link for reference (never purchased from here and have no idea if it's a reputable company):

Thanks so much for this. Didn't know it existed and was looking for something similar. I tried a broadway mirror, but due to the rake of our windshield the extra space it took up made me feel like I lost forward facing visibility for the extra rear visibility.

Spoon USA doesn't seem to have it as an option on their website for the NSX so this and a couple other sites are the only option. It's $38 shipping from them which makes it similar in price to others who are charging $60+25 shipping.
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