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Recommendation for tires/fitment please!


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23 June 2005
Im interested in a set of rims with these specs'

18"x8.5"(F) & 18"x9.5"(R) 45 offset all around. 5x114.3 bolt pattern

Will this fit ok?
Will I need spacers?
What kind of tires should I be looking into, to not rub?

Thanks prime.
Yes, your best bet is 215/35-18 front on 18x7.5 wheels, and 255/35-18 or 265/35-18 rear on 18x9.0 or 18x9.5 wheels. However, before you buy, I suggest you take a look at some photos (or, even better, in person) of an NSX with 18"/18" wheels; as many folks have commented, it looks unbalanced due to the drastic difference in sidewall height, which is why most folks get staggered size wheels (i.e. 17" front and 18" rear).