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Removing chrome from plastic

16 September 2003
Columbus, Ohio
Bought a 09 RDX for a DD. Very happy with it but hate the dated chrome door handles so a bought new sets for $90 total. From google folks have used brake fluid, bleach, muriatic acid, pine sol, oven cleaner and a lot more. So far none have worked although i haven't yet tried the oven cleaner. Been in a full muriatic bath for two days. It's affecting the back sides but not the outer areas. It may work eventually, but it doesn't look good. Anyone have any thoughts? i've already talked with the best paint shops around and they simply rough up and paint. Idiots! TIA and thanks to those who advised me on the RDX.

ps- some folks say that they use a paint with suspended alum bits which might explain why some of the shit cars chrome comes off easily. This Honda stuff looks like real chrome to me.
OK, since nobody has chimed in my off-the-wall thoughts may have some value.
That chrome had to get onto the plastic somehow; just reverse the process. If the factory could plate it in the first place, then perhaps the same method could un-plate it. So: look up the local chrome shop. I have had items chromed and de-chromed at my local shop. I think it's just as easy to take it off as it is to put it on.
It might be as easy(for them) as immersing the part in the solution and reversing the flow of electrons.
Or I could be completely wrong.