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Removing Front Turn Signal Lights

8 November 2000
San Francisco, CA, USA
One of my bulbs in the front turn signal light fixture has burnt out.

I flipped through the manual and it shows how to remove the fixture and replace the bulb.

Has anyone tried this? The location of the phillip head screw to remove the fixture is impossible!!! Or am I missing something here.

There must be an easier way to replace the bulb. Please help!

1996 NSX-T, Black/Black
Yep, how it is written in the manual is the right way to go.
You need a long 'big' philips though. Just keep on unscrewing until you feel the screw going over its last winding again and again. (i don't understand why these screws are not made from some sort of rust-free material)
The trouble is not the screw, but some bits of the light being stuck on the back of the bumper. I used a big flat screwdriver to move the plastic of the bumper down (and up on the top). It's not a nice job, i think you won't get it out without doing some very small scratching on the paint though. Maybe one comes out easier then the other, i did notice a big difference between left and right.

Just be carefull and use a cloth on your screwdrivertip.

You are lucky it's actualy in the manual, the 'european foglights' are not in the manual, and it took me some time to figure out that one. But now i am used to it..................changing them every other month.............

M. Plasmeijer
1993 Black/black
go with the instruction above and you should have no problem. It really is easy and shouldn't take more than a few minutes.