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Remus exhaust

31 January 2002
Raleigh, NC
does anyone have any comments on the remus exhausts? not sure what particular model, but a general opinion on the manufacturer would be helpful. are they the ones with the dual tipped pipes?
hope not! ;^)
I suggest you do a search on the forum, since this has been discussed recently.

If i remeber the Remus is about 50Lbs, and yes, it's the dual tip.
See David Gashi's homepage for pics.

Looks great is true, definitely elegant and sporty but about the sound there is some reserve in my opinion. When new (first 5-10'000 km) it does not sound good at all... then it begins to sound better and better. The problem is that even after the break-in period the sound will be very good only above 5000 rpm, this is an advantage in terms of cruising noise but a pain in terms of gas mileage... you'll end up keeping the car in hi-revs only to take advantage of the improved sound!

ps: I am on my second Remus, in Europe the choice is quite narrow if you want a legal exhaust...