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reuse pics in threds?

This is normal and should prevent double posting of pics (due to bandwidth I guess). You may upload a pic in the picture upload section (or your website) and you can always refer to this pic in different threads (even visible when you use the image button above the writing window).
If you get this error, do this:

1) click on the thread link that's provided
2) scroll to the image you want to repost
3) right-mouse click on it, and select "copy image address" to clipboard (or if you're using IE, select "properties, then select and copy the image URL)
4) go back to your post
5) Click on the <IMG SRC="http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/images/editor/insertimage.gif"> icon and PASTE the image address you just copied.
6) finish your message, and click "PREVIEW POST" just to make sure it's worked ok.

That's the shorthand description. Hope it helps.