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Rim Polishing

1 June 2005
Indianapolis, IN
Getting a new set of 19/18 RPM Chrome R505's put on tonight. Could someone give me some input on what you use for polishing chrome rims? Any specific brand or compound? Thanks,

and i am getting 17/18 chrome rims put on at the beginning of next week so i too am interested
You might want to distinguish between cleaning and polishing.

"Cleaning" refers to the process of removing dirt from rims that are already smooth and shiny. "Polishing" usually refers to the process of using something abrasive (tools and/or materials) to wear down (smooth down) a wheel that has a different finish on it, or that has been damaged, to make the surface of the wheel smooth and shiny.

If you are buying wheels that are already chrome, it sounds like you're asking about a wheel cleaner, not a polish.

I'm not trying to be picky, just trying to understand your question and help get you the best information you're looking for...
Hapa88 said:
As I mentioned, there are cleaners (non-abrasive), and there are polishes (usually abrasive). Most brands will have different products for those two different purposes. For example, here's what the Mothers website says:

Wheels of Chrome and Roughcast Metal

Some wheels need extra cleaning power such as chrome wheels and those made of roughcast metals. In this case strong cleaners like Mothers Wheel Mist Wheel Cleaner (red bottle) can be employed. Take extra care to prevent the cleaner from coming into contact with other parts of the car, and don’t let it sit too long before hosing off. Be sure your wheels are chrome or roughcast, because Wheel Mist Wheel Cleaner can damage clear-coated and painted wheels. When doing chrome wheels, you can chase the cleaner with a chrome polish to properly finish the job.

So, if I were using Mothers brand of products, I would start with this:


and, if they don't look perfect afterwards, I would then use the Chrome Polish.