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Rims width and offset's

31 May 2012

I been looking in the market for a new set of wheels. My wife and I will be welcoming a new addition to our family so budget is kinda tight. I've looked around and found some that I liked but when it comes to widths and offsets for this car, I'm pretty much neck deep in water.... So, I have two question I'm hoping you guy's could help shed a light on.

(1) When i comes to the offsets for the nsx i've seem anything from a +35-40 for the rear. And a +38-45 for the fronts. Then, again I could be wrong. I am a noobie, but the set that I saw had a +48 offset for the front and is 17x8. The rear are +38 offset and is 18x9.5. The rears seems reasonable to me so i'm not too concerned. But will the fronts cause me any fender rubbing issues?

(2) What I have on right on is 17x7 with a +45 offsets for fronts and 18x9 with a +40 for rears. My tires are (f) 225/40 zr17 (r) 265/35 zr18. I want to know if i can used my tires for the new set of rims I mention above, if fittment should not be a problem? The tires are still pretty new. (f) 85% (r) 75% thread left.:confused: