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Rock Chip repairs in Souther California!!!

22 August 2001
San Diego, CA, USA

A good friend of mine has a specialty painting service. He knows of a procedure that enables him to paint in all of your rock chips on your hood, fenders and spoiler. I recently had my hood and fenders done and they look great! There is absolutly no oversray or any adverse effects to this procedure. The procedure runs about $150.00 and is well worth every penny. He lives in San Diego, so you need to arrange something with him directly. Please inform him that Marcos Barragan referred you.

Here is his contact information:

Mike Cabell
Cell: (619) 666-9411

P.S. Spread the knowledge....

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Wow, you must be psychic! I just wanted to ask if someone knows a good paint touch up place and then I see this post! Anyways, when I had my front black lip replaced due to excessive scraping I had my scratches touched up by the body shop. They didn't do a good job in the sense that u could definitely see where the scratches were. I thnk this is true for most touch up places. I was wondering whether his work is good enough so that u won't be able to tell a sratch or chip was even there, and also, what about chips and scratches that has been previosly repaired but still visible? Will he be able to fix those as well? Thanks!

I had my hood done about 3-weeks ago and I still can't tell where the rock chips were! As for scratched, or defects that are more "deep" I'm not too sure. However, this procedure is perfect for rock chips. It sure beats trying to touch them all up with a small brush.

Good Luck!