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Seeking proper tire/wheel fitment

27 August 2008
I'm a relatively new NSX owner whose dream just came true a couple of months ago. My vehicle is equipped with 18" front and 20" rear wheels but I just purchased a set of JIC J-Force 07 wheels (17" & 18" respectively) and seek anyone's advice in terms of the desired tire/wheel fitment. I've learned that 215/40-17 tires (front) in conjunction with 265/35-18 tires (rear) seems to be the norm in both Hong Kong and Japan. I'm thinking of going with Yokohama S.drive tires and considering 225/35-17 for the front. By the way, my vehicle is stock and not lowered.

Much appreciated for any advice you could offer!

JIC J-Force 07 Wheel specs
17 x 8.0 +38 Front wheel
18 x 9.5 +38 Rear wheel
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First, 17x8 +38 will fit perfectly. I would strongly recommend staying with the 215/40/17 tire for it.

18x9.5 +38 would fit pretty nicely. You could safely go down to a +29 if you wanted a really flush look.

The offsets I recommended will go past the fender on a stock height NSX (it won't rub, however). Once you lower it (and you should if you don't want it to look like an offroad 4x4) the wheels will come inward because of the geometry of the suspension.