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selling enkei RP01 17x8, 18x9.5

6 June 2004
Los Angeles
I have purchase a new set of wheels and want to sell my old set to free up space. The wheels came with the car and are in good condition. One front wheel has slight scratches on the lip from parking. The other has a couple of small nicks from debris. The tires are almost new with about 95% tire thread. They still have some rubber stubs on them.

They fill out the wheel wells nicely and don’t have any rubbing issues.

I want to see if I can sell them locally before posting on the general for sale section. I am in the San Gabriel Valley/SCAL. I am asking $900, shipping extra. I paid about $600 just for the tires. So you’re getting the wheels for $300.

Please PM me or respond here on the thread.

Here are the details.


Enkei RP01

17 x 8 offset 38 about 18 lb.
18 x 9.5 offset 45 about 23 lb.


Yokohama AVS ES100 215/40/17 & 265/35/18

Here are the pics. Sorry I have the cut them up due to resolution restrictions:

SOLD.. Thanks.
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