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Service at South Coast Acura?

8 June 2012
Hi all,

I am planning to take my 92 NSX for timing belt/water pump service at South Coast Acura. Do you guys have any personal experience with their service department?

I know they are very generous and welcoming to host the monthly NSX meet at their dealer and would like to give them my business. I have recently moved to Socal from Philly so I do not know much about Acura dealers around here and you input is greatly appreciated.
I haven't serviced my car at South Coast Acura before. I would suggest going to Ramon at Niguel Motors, have lots of good feedbacks and its cheaper than servicing at the dealership for the same amount of work.
Welcome to Cali! I'm also from Philly and it will always be my second home. And oh yeah, +1 for Ramon for all your X service needs.
I got a PPI done at South Coast Acura while I was still on the East Coast. I had a very good experience working with them over the phone and the previous owner of my NSX indicated they were quite professional and courteous. No idea how they are with a bigger service but as pointed out in this thread there is no shortage of other NSX mechanics in SoCal.
South Coast has hosted the monthly NSX mixer as long as I've been in SD; so at least they are NSX friendly. Niguel motors is a sure thing, and less costly, but unless somebody chimes in otherwise, South Coast is a reasonable choice.
I actually bought my nsx at the south coast acura in 2012. The car had some issues with it like the radio not working and minor leaks. The previous owner kept track of when and where he gets his gas. Down to the price per gallon. It was like I was reading a history book on this car (1997-2011) It was in the glove compartment and I've left the booklet inside the car while it was being serviced. Got my car back 3 days later to find out that my glove compartment latch snapped and the gas booklet was gone. I comfronted the service department but they said I'll look into it and give you a call. Never got it resolved. Definitely not coming back for service. Only for parts and meets.