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Shipping from East Coast to Hawaii

19 July 2004
New York City/Honolulu

I am moving to Hawaii in May and I would to know if anyone knows of a good shipping company to use. I've researched some but I just wanted to know if there were any good experiences with NSX owners who may have shipped their cars from the mainland. I live in New York and will be shipping my car to Honolulu. :smile:


You should look into Pasha, www.pashahawaii.com. They have very reasonable rates do roll on roll off so you get the car much sooner when it arrives. They also provide a service where they will pickup the vehicle anywhere in the US and deliver to their vehicle processing center.
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I used Horizon to ship my NSX from Hawaii to LA when I left the Navy and it arrived safe. I also used Matson to go from Hawaii to New Jersey on a previous move and again no problems.
Interesting .... I was just in Hawaii for HIN and I was planning on showing my car at the event the best rate I found was $1100 one way

Can you guys let me know the rates you paid


I plan to ship my car to Hawaii for HIN 2008 in December.
$975 each way via Horizon in a private container, depart Oakland or Long Beach to Honolulu

$975 each way via Matson, depart Seattle or Long Beach to Honolulu

**IMPORTANT** You MUST have 6"-7" of ground clearance from the front lip and sides to the ground. If you do not they will not take your car at the dock. I had to adjust the hell out of my coilovers to pass the height mark.
I would recommend Matson, they shipped my NSX to Oakland from Hononlulu, and I tracked it in Monterey, Laguna Seca in '99 for the NSXPO. They also shipped it back from Oakland. I ran into no problems.
1999 was the time of my life with my Blue '97 NSX, and met the NSXCA group. Questions? E-mail me. ~ Jerry :biggrin:
I used Horizon from Honolulu to Orlando,Fl. Car came back to me with N.P.
I thing i spend about $2,500 and took about two weeks to get to me.
Hey Everyone...
I am moving to hawaii in the next year or two.. I heard that there is a group of guys in oahu with nsxs that hang out all the time.. Just curious if anyone knows them.. I want to try and make new friends when I'm out there.. PLease let me know.. Thanks guys...
I used www.a1autotransport.com for my Seattle to Molokai ship. Cost me 1k and was painless. All I did was show up with a filled tank of gas and give them the keys. Had my shoebox with me a couple weeks later without a scratch or pre-applied red dirt (damn you molokai!).
Leaving for Hawaii, I studied the information on the delivery of the car, I found the carrier whom I recommended, but eventually decided to sell the car and buy something already on arrival in Honolulu. This option was the best for me, I left for permanent residence. You probably do not like this option) You can then study the information on the carriers http://www.howtoliveinhawaii.com/4230/shipping-cars-to-hawaii/ and choose something specifically for themselves