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Skip Barber school?

10 August 2000
Thinking of attending their 2-day course at Sebring sometime soon - in part due to doing a 360 on the track at yesterday's event.

Anyone done this course? I thought there was a FAQ related to this but couldn't find it.
I haven't done the Barber school (have heard good things), but there is nothing that will do more to improve your driving than periodic visits to a good school. If you have never been to a course, you will be surprised at how much you can learn in a couple of days. You can pick things up at the track by following the faster guys, but having a dedicated instructor makes all of the difference in the world.

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Thanks David - already have some track events under my belt, although this was my first with my NSX.

On the track my eyes can only watch the road, the mirrors and the tach, but I don't think I've ever driven as fast as I did with the NSX, maybe due to the 6-speed gearing allowing me to shift less or just the fact that near redline this thing is simply a monster.

I'm not pissed about going into a spin, I recognize what cause that and that is just a cornering lesson for the next time. But I am pissed about the fact that:

a) I didn't recognize the past-recovery point fast enough and therefore reacted late safety-wise.

b) Frankly, I should have been able to recover or at least be cognizant of the fact that I was *about* to loose it.

So - maybe I was just tired that day or maybe it is the fact that I haven't been on a track for many many years or any number of reasons. Since I couldn't put my finger on it I decided to quit the event early as no one there needed the hazard of an uncertain driver.

But right now I would like to consciously spin some cars under controlled conditions while learning how to detect / recover. Skip Barber seems to provide that.

Then back to the next track event.

Thanks for any further opinions...
I know several people of various levels of driving skill who have been to Skip Barber and all of them thought it was great. There are some comments from Wei-Shen Chin in the FAQ under "At The Track / Tracks And Driving Schools". As I'm sure you know Dr. Chin is a very experienced track driver and races Formula Mazdas. http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Track/tracksdriversschools.htm