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***SOLD*** 1991 NSX Red & Black Automatic with Black interior

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1 September 2008
Kingsport, TN
Year: 1991
Exterior color/Interior color: Formula Red with Black
Number of owners: 3 or 4
Transmission: Automatic
In Snap Ring Range? N/A
VIN: JH4NA1261MT003146
Mileage: 60,560
Are you a dealer or private seller?: Private seller
Location (City, State): Kingsport, Tennessee
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Salvage from New York in 1992, clean in Michigan & Tennessee

Price: $45,000

Contact: Richard Pike, 423-480-8186 or [email protected]

Maintenance History: This will save you the trouble of a Carfax report: the car was stolen in 1992 in New York. The car then sat for several years in a warehouse while insurance sorted things out. Apparently during this time the automatic transmission, the right front fender and the passenger door were replaced.
The 2nd owner bought the car in 2005 and replaced the timing belt, installed Dali Racing window hardware and the climate control.
I bought the car in 2008 and replaced the timing belt, the water pump, and had the valves adjusted. Replaced the hood.
Had all the locks rekeyed to match with new keys.
Replaced the original wheels with a set of NSX 7-blades in 2011. I still have the original 5-blade wheels, and they go with the car.
The stereo head unit has been rebuilt twice, the door amps once.
The right window regulator has been replaced.
The battery is about 18 months old.
Tires are new.
Master cylinder is new, and brake system was flushed at the same time.
Air condition system was recharged last year when a leaking hose was replaced.
Transmission was rebuilt in March of 2020.
Axle boots and suspension rubber covers were replaced last year.
The car is kept in a heated and air conditioned garage.
Car was repainted in 2018.
The oil pressure gauge does not work correctly, it was like this when we got it, the idiot light still works normally. The Acura replacement part is unavailable.
Carfax shows an ownership change in 2019; the wife & I put everything into a revocable trust, so the car was issued a new title.

Details: We got the car with full knowledge of its history, we wanted a car that we could drive w/o having to worry about tarnishing a pristine and unblemished vehicle, but that would be reliable and give us good service. It has excelled in that respect. The reason we are selling it is that the wife & I are now both in our late 70's and it is difficult for her to get in or out. So it's time.

Modifications: Air horns.
LED running lights in front that come on when the engine starts.
GROM audio unit inside the console with a 3.5 jack that adapts a music player.
Replaced the ash tray & cigarette lighter with a GPS unit. I still have the original ashtray & cigarette lighter so that it can be put back stock if desired.
The center sun visor has a back up camera unit display installed in the center of it. The camera is at the top center of the rear license tag.
A small package tray that snaps into the rear window molding between the two seats to hold a hat, sunglasses, etc.
Cupholders that store in the glove box and fit over the parking brake handle to hold drink bottles, etc.
There is a miniature connector in the engine compartment to plug in a trickle charger during the winter when it seldom gets driven.
Matching set of Acura umbrellas that fit behind the seats.
There is a vanity engine cover that replaces the standard engine cover when going to car shows, cruise-ins, etc.
There is an insulating pad that fits into the trunk compartment that helps keep the trunk space cool on trips, helps keep the wife's make-up from melting.
Includes the shop manuals, a spare set of spark plugs, a new air filter, and some misc. items.

Photos: The first one is from the last page of the NSXPO 2022 magazine.NSX portrait 1.jpg
P1040839 (Large).JPGP1040843 (Large).JPGP1040847 (Large).JPGP1040848 (Large).JPGP1040851 (Large).JPGP1040853 (Large).JPGP1040855 (Large).JPGP1040859 (Large).JPGP1040860 (Large).JPGP1040863 (Large).JPGP1040869 (Large).JPGP1040870 (Large).JPGP1040871 (Large).JPGP1040874 (Large).JPGP1040876 (Large).JPG
There are two stone chips on the right air intake.
P1040879 (Large).JPGP1040882 (Large).JPGP1040886 (Large).JPG


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The fender and passenger door were replaced, but was there any structural damage?
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