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Memorabilia ***Sold*** 4 AUTOart 1:18 Scale JGTC NSX Die Casts

14 November 2003
At the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse
I am offering for sale the following AUTOart 1:18 die casts. They as new, never been removed from their boxes:

** Sold ** 1: 2003 Takata #18 for $125.00 + shipping
** Sold ** 2: 2003 Mugen G'ZOX #16 (Limited Edition of 3,000) for $225.00 + shipping
** Sold ** 3: 2003 Raybrig #100 $125.00 + shipping
** Sold ** 4: 2004 Epson #32 $125.00 + shipping

Below are 2 pics of each die cast and back of box in the above order. (I hope!) At least the car numbers will make it easy differentiate!

Die Cast 1

1-2003 Takata #18.jpg2-2003 Takata #18.jpg

Die Cast 2

3-2003 Mugen G'ZOX #16.jpg4-2003 Mugen G'ZOX #16.jpg

Die Cast 3

5-2003 Raybrig #100.jpg6-2003 Raybrig #100.jpg

Die Cast 4

7-2004 Epson #32.jpg8-2004 Epson #32.jpg
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where does it say the mugen one is limited numbered? interested in that one!
There is a sale pending atm but I wanted to give the info regarding the limited edition for this die cast.

Surprisingly it's not indicated on the box. It's common knowledge in the die cast collector world though. Simply Google the bar code number 674110803976

There is also one listed on eBay that has the included CoA pictured. https://www.ebay.com/itm/145429005780

This is from my box:
4a-2003 Mugen G'ZOX Barcode.jpg
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