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Exhaust ****SOLD**** Pride TITANIUM V2 Exhaust

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
****SOLD ****


I'm helping list this NSX Titanium exhaust for sale for a close friend who is no longer with us. I thought the exhaust was brand new, but looking at the flanges, looks like it might have been bolted-on previously. But other than that, it appears new and unused.

I asked Mark at Pride Group about the exhaust and we believe it was modified. It appears to have more Titanium color to it vs the New titanium exhaust sold by Pride. This thing is super light, like I can hold it with one finger light.

Retails for $3,200.00 plus tax, plus shipping.
Asking $2,750.00
NOW $2,500 and will consider shipping(buyer pays shipping). I have a commercial shipping account and should be able to get a discounted rate.

Located in Houston, TX. Can help possibly delivered to N. Texas/Dallas area, but due to logistics and other factors, local pick up is strongly preferred. Please let me know if you have any questions.

please feel free to text or call me 281-83o-3185

- Zishan


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I'm not a buyer but may help to list where you are located for pickup

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Excellent point. My location is listed below my avatar, but I forgot, mobile viewing does not show location. Thread updated. Thanks!
Ugghhh... If only this were about 6 months sooner.

If this were 6 months ago I'd be all about it. I ordered a J's Racing FX-PRO 60RS back in January and I'm still waiting for it.

Any prospective buyers should factor the long wait times if they're debating on buying this as opposed to something new as I have to think that any new titanium exhaust for our cars is going to be made to order and thus will have long wait times. I was told to expect 3-4 months to get mine so I assumed that it would be at least 5-6 months. Here we are at month 6 and I don't know if its even been completed let alone shipped. Please note that I'm not complaining. This was all expected and pretty much par for the course but I know that if I were shopping again, the fact that this gorgeous exhaust is available NOW carries a lot of weight. Just food for thought...:frown:
BUMP.....please feel free to text or call me 281-83o-3185
what year does this fit and is it still available?
what year does this fit and is it still available?

From Pride's website:
"The Pride Exhaust Acura NSX V2 Cat-back Exhaust System is a direct bolt-on to all 1991-1996 NSX's. The 1997-2005 NSX requires an adapter kit, which is sold separately. "

That being said, it would appear to be missing the adapter. Now, the real question is if this is the 2.25" pipe or 2.5" pipe for NA vs FI applications.
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