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Some photos from Lime Rock

28 March 2002
We had a couple of track days at Lime Rock last weekend with David Moore and I battling it out while Peter Mills and Gregg Markarian were instructing. Larry B, Pbassjo and Foxy Abby came up for some moral support as well as to grab some seat time in the Asimo powered Peter Mills Express.

Don't forget Kids' Day at the Glen in a few weeks.






Pass the Rollin' Rock :p

hmmm... Absolutely perfect snapshots! The surrounding scenery looks pristine, and the Berlina black NSX is beyond gorgeous (the other NSX is Longbeach blue?). I'm going to peruse over these images all day & decide which one to make as my desktop background! :cool:

Any particular cars stand-out at the track on this particular day whether in appearance or performance?
The second NSX is a Midnight Pearl and is being driven by David. The red Porsche behind me in the fifth photo was lightning fast and probably was the quickest in our group which included 5 Elises, and Exige, Z06, and a few M3s.

But the NSXs did "stand out" the most in my "unbiased" opinion. :wink:
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Excellent as usual

The fouth picture is my favorite. The shade in foreground, the glipse of the rumble strips, the way the front of the NSX is raised due to acceleration, and how the other cars are out of focus. It looks unreal!