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Some Update of Kensx450's car

29 July 2002
Westminster, CA
Here are some update pictures of Kensx450's wide body NSX. It's not completely done yet.


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Wow that thing is crazy. Looks like the front wheels need some help in the form of some spacers. What diffuser is that?
Well, I know a lot of money must have been spent on this. But, the car looks terrible. Looks like the body panels are done in cardboards.
If you get an updated taillights and red JDM Honda emblem on the front, it would look nice.
I like is but at the same time I dont. :confused:

I like wide bodys but this one is a little funny to me just to much wide I guess. Mabe if you put a big wing on it it will look bad ass and ill like it. it just look like it need somthing.
I've always enjoyed these threads, you know the ones where some guy posts up pictures of his widebody project NSX and like 10 guys all chime in on prime and slam him with their personal aestetic styling preferences and keen fitment comments, almost as if most would even know what grit sandpaper to start block sanding with. Yes, so encouraging, makes you want to run out and post pictures doesn't it? lol.. :smile:
I think the problem w/ the look in my opinion is the WHEEL. It doesn't seem to fit the widebody well...leaves too much gap and hole. It looks like one of those Pontiac Fiero back in the 80's with an NSX body kit on top of it....

just my 2 cents.
IMO you can never release pictures of a wide body car without filling the wheel wells out first. It looks terrible and too many people start bashing the effort without taking into consideration that it is a work in progress.

I think the car will look much better once the wheels are corrected. Does the BRS kit not come with canards for the front end?
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LOL….I was looking for the finished product but not only was it posted in another thread but not by the original owner :rolleyes: Here is my .02 on it. I noticed that when the BRS kit was first introduced, people mostly had good things to say about it. Not taking into account the color, the kit is basically the same as the first one below. The only differences were the wing and rims. I think the kit looks hot so whoever does it will get props from me. For now, I don’t think the rims are meshing with the car right. Maybe if you did a BBK kit or did some attention to detail to the brake/rotor area. Also, the rims don’t have the right offset in the front. See the BRS kit below for comparison. I’ve never really liked the JGTC wings so I like your wing as it is now. So what else is left to do :confused:


Also note that BRS has IMHO, introduced the only widebody kit that looks identical to the real JGTC NSXs. LOL, for those who think it looks like cardboard...that's how the real JGTC NSXs look like so I guess they look like cardboard to :rolleyes: See pic below for comparison.

Im just not to thrilled about it. The tires/wheels needs to be pushed out and the front bumper/spoiler with canards needs to go, looks like a "catfish" :biggrin: (JMHO).

But its your creation enjoy it :smile:
all you need is a new set of rims to make it flush with the body panels...other than that, it's looks fawkn HAWT!!! :cool: