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14 September 2006
Can anyone recommend a good soundbar. I prefer the 100-200 price range but commend the high end if u think it is worth mentioning.

It's for a 42 inch tv in the bedroom
I have a Samsung HW-550 (matches nicely with my Samsung television), and I like it, mostly. Sound quality is good, subwoofer is wireless, which makes for easy room placement, and provides good bass without boom-boom-booming my neighbors.

My biggest concern in buying the soundbar was to maintain a high "WAF" (Wife Acceptance Factor). Many soundbars require a separate remote, and having to go to a separate remote to adjust volume would be unacceptable. The combination I have works through the single television remote, which is nice.

It does have one glaring "bug" in that the television remote does not turn the soundbar on -- ideally it should turn on with the TV, but this requires a separate action. But this is done once per viewing session, and so it's not a deal breaker.
Bought my dad this $89 Vizio Soundbar from Costco.

He really likes it especially after we connected up his Klipsch 12" Powered subwoofer. Sound is pretty clear and it has a relatively large soundstage.. there is some midrange to mid-bass rolloff, but we would recommend for it the price.

I would highly recommend that if you do purchase this to pickup at least a 10" powered subwoofer to connect to it to fill in the bottom end which it greatly lacks.
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are you sure there's no option for turning it on via hdme control? I know the sony I use has this.

Nope, no hope. I've worked with Samsung support and they concur that it's hopeless. I'm pressing them to get their development team to issue a firmware update for it, but as it is now last year's product, I doubt they have much motivation.