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Southern California Emissions Testing

Super helpful response from someone who knows. Thank you!
THey don't make it easy to live here but it's worth it for many of us still here!

You can DM me if you have specific Q's. Just like with many things of this nature... there is a certain grey area but I want to be clear... What I recommended above technically constitutes a fail per the code/law.
Truth. It’s hard but worth the effort to have a Cali NSX. Source: dude with a stock(ish) 91 that waited a year for new oem cats to get here from Japan.

Magnaflow advertises a “CARB Compliant” cat, but I was skeptical and didn’t want to have to deal with welding new cats in every few years. Space is tight under there and the cats sit at weird angles. Good luck! And, wish me luck. I’m off to smog test next week…
I just heard that 1995 and older model cars (ODBC-1) have to be taken to the State Referee Smog Stations in 2026. Looks like they are making it harder for the older cars to smog.