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Spoon ECU - AT-NSX - anyone know about? pics inside

27 February 2004
AUSTRIA (Europe)
I have this ECU at home, anyone know about the specs? thanks


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If it is anything like the spoon ECU made for the Legend, all it did was eliminate the JDM factory speed limiter and raise the rev limiter - disturbingly to 9000RPM (legend stock limiter was 6900). No changes were made to the ignition or fuel tables at all. I can't speak directly for the ECU you have, but since the ECU's are sisters I would assume the same modifications were done.

I see the chip is sitting on a riser, any chance of some close up pictures of it? I assume it may be some type of descrambler. Is it hard soldered to the board or is the board still socketed?

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speaking of spoon...is the company in anyway related to one of the turns at suzuka being named the spoon curve?