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st louis independent NSX certified mechanic

27 June 2011
St.Louis MO area
Anyone know of an independent in the St. Louis market?
Not an independent, but Meyer Honda in O'Fallon (IL) has an NSX-certified tech in their shop. He did my timing belt & associated parts last summer. They let me provide the parts (they actually preferred that) and the labor rate was quite a bit less than the St. Louis dealers; total was about half of the Acura dealer's quote. PM me if you need contact info.
Steve Moss at Dave Mingenast St Louis Acura...did all the maintenace on my car from a previous owner and he really liked him. I have talked to him and he seems real knowledgeable and may be worth checking out.

I know not an independent...just FYI
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Steve indeed is one of the "best in the business". He has worked on all of my Acuras since my 87 Legend, and anything he has done, has never had to be redone or fixed again, it's done right the first time. He just put my NSX back in service with a part from Mitch @ Mechanics Direct (see my post in Owner Discussion).
I took my car to Frank Leta in South County when I originally had my timing belt & water pump replaced. However that was the only thing they ever did for me. Shortly after I returned to them and the bull dike lesbian of a service manager that they have out of the blue decided they would no longer touch my car because it was lowered.

I turned to NSXPrime for info on a good shop. Ended up getting together with our very own Mr. DDozier (Dave) and have never looked back.:smile:

I don't put much stock in ANY of the local Acura service shops. They get limited exposure to the cars, and I'd much rather put my trust & faith in someone who actually cares. Thats my honest opinion.