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Supercar Saturday - Houston...JULY 11th 8am to 10am

26 April 2008
Sugar Land, TX
O.K., who's in?


Supercar Saturday - July 11th
Summer hours: 8-10 am

5002 Washington, Houston, TX 77007


Hope to see you guys there.

We hope you enjoyed your July 4th holiday. Just a friendly reminder that our event for this month is happening this Saturday from 8 to 10 am. Here are the details of the event:

What: Supercar Saturday by Supercars Houston - Volume 2, Issue 5
When: Saturday, July 11, 2015 - 8 am to 10 am
Where: 5002 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007

This display area will be for Supercars only. Please do not arrive prior to 7:45 am. Plenty of free spectator parking is available on three different lots around the venue (see image below which shows the available parking lots in blue). Here are the addresses for these parking lots:

1. 5107 Center Street, Houston, TX 77007
2. 5219 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007
3. 5317 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007


*** BAN THE BRAND INITIATIVE NOW IN EFFECT *** "Ban the Brand" is new nationwide initiative by organizers of car meets to increase safety and prevent accidents, complaints and venue cancellations by landlords. The concept is serious but simple: If any participating driver attending an event violates the rules of the car meet, they, along with any other owner with a vehicle of the same make will be banned from the following subsequent event. For example, if the owner of a Mustang decides to do a burn out or revs their engine in an area where it is not permitted, ALL Fords will be banned from the following month's event. This will allow community policing and social pressure to obey the rules. We understand that this is a drastic approach, but due to the actions of a few, organizers are under a lot of pressure to cancel events.
Below is a list of our rules for our Supercar Saturday events in Houston, TX:
1. No revving of engines or burn outs within or around the area will be tolerated. Although these engines sound great, we must respect the venues we have available to us for the long term benefit of our Houston car community. Please help us by informing others and discourage photographers and videographers from egging on drivers to do things that can cause great harm.
2. The display area is for Supercars. We know that defining "Supercar" is difficult and can be very broad. Just know that we only have a limited number of parking spaces and we would like the display area to show the not so common makes and models from around town. We mean no disrespect to anyone and would like to keep these events cordial and awkward-free.
3. Please DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY. The display area will open at 7:45 am so you will need to wait if you come before that. The parking lot entrance is coned off prior to the event and volunteers will allow approved cars in as they arrive, but only after 7:45 am.
4. The display area will NOT be sectioned off based on vehicle types or makes. It will just be first come, first serve, and you will be guided by volunteers to the next available spot.
5. The event is open to everyone and plenty of free parking spaces are available around the property for those coming to spectate. We encourage everyone to network and make new friends while getting up close and personal with these amazing cars.
6. Everyone can take pictures and videos so feel free to bring your cameras. Please do not touch the cars or sit in them without the owner's permission! Please take your pictures and move along so others can do the same. Also, feel free to include these hashtags when posting your pics on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram: #supercarshouston, #supercarsaturday and #houstonsupercarsaturdays. We would love for you to post links to your photo albums and YouTube videos on our Facebook page so please share them with us by posting them on our wall.
7. Volunteers will be on hand to help guide you if you have questions or need directions.
8. A food truck will be on the premises and will serve breakfast/brunch items along with coffee, sodas, juices and water.
9. The event will happen rain or shine. Unless there are dangers of icy conditions or lightening, we will not postpone or cancel the event.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at our next event!
I will be there to show off the new wrap. Is this why the Supercar meet was moved from Kirby to Washington because of complaints?
I will be there to show off the new wrap. Is this why the Supercar meet was moved from Kirby to Washington because of complaints?

I don't know...but let's not get popped in a "Ban the Brand" for NSXs. :)
They won't know wether to ban Hondas or Acuras haha
Yell 'Murica! as you peel off and they might think it's the new corvette

Great, then the Ferrari owners can just tilt their Prancing horse sideways, and they'll end up banning all the Mustangs..LOL!
Any Houston/area NSXers looking to make this event tomorrow?
There were four NSXs that I saw out there...my white '92, Kevin's black '05, Javier's (was black, now burnt orange...close to Imola), and Hui's white '92 (I'm sorry if I didn't get the correct spelling of his name). LOTS of other cool cars too!

Some pics...
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And Colin's pic: