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The NSX is running and running strong! Will soon install the Comptech headers I have sitting in my garage. They are such a work of art, its a shame to hide them in the car instead of in the living room!

Many thanks again to Shad and Bob Lionti over at Comptech and to Mark Basch for an incredible amount of help in straightening this whole mess out. Thanks also to so many of you on this board who have helped.

Remember that both these guys are still out the NSX community. In California, you can get away with murder, so what's a little fraud? I understand that Larry is now working out of someone else's shop-which should tell you alot about that shop.
I heard a story from still another NSX owner whose car was in Larry's shop that makes mine sound like peanuts. I hope he tells his story, but in the meantime-beware!
Thanks for informing the community. You have done a great service to other NSX owners.

I can not believe Larry is getting away with all of this. He is working for another mechanic in the same strip overlooking his old shop.

I bought my Twin Turbo from Brad Swisher. His address was in San Diego and not Portland. I am positive it is the same person. He sent me everything that he said he would and I have not had any problems with it. Although I just installed it a few weeks ago. I bought the unit about 7 months ago. I am very sorry to hear about the incident. It sucks when you can't trust a fellow NSXer.

Brad Swisher

It's even worse when an NSX mechanic can't be trusted. I've heard from several people that Larry ripped them off big time by using used parts such as a clutch in very expensive repair jobs. The second story is far, far worse but I won't tell it unless the owner chooses. From my standpoint, I assume a deadbeat like Larry is not collectable.
Does anyone know anything about Bradley Scott Swisher (The Swish!!) who lives in San Diago? If he's employed or collectable?
I've met Brad on a few occasions. I don't think he'd rip anyone off. I think he's a great, straightforward guy.

I'm not going to take sides or anything... but here's a thought...

If nsxlover got everything in good working condition from Brad, don't you think that in your case it was Larry that gave you the bum parts?
No. As detailed exhaustively in sevaral of the threads on this topic, it was collusion between the two and both told a bushel full of lies. Brad obtained an incomplete fire damaged unit from a salvage yard and was relying on Larry to refurbish it to the virtually new condition he represented (along with representing that it had been on his car).
I basically got a box of bolts to quote one of the most respected NSX names and replaced virtually every component.
I really don't care to get back into rehashing everthing that's been said before. I just want people to be warned.