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support shocks

14 January 2001
fairfax VA USA
Hey does anyone know if there is a site on the internet that sells the support shocks that hold up the glass section that covers the engine. I just purchased a 1992 NSX and the ones on it need to be replaced. I checked with the acura dealer down the street but I was really turned off by the treatment and the price. They want $265.00 just for the parts. Has anyone else had to change these and remember what they paid? If 265.00 is the going rate then I will do it but it just seemed like a lot to me.
That sounds like a lot. The trunk struts go for around $110 a pair and I would expect the engine hatch struts to be the same.

Try calling Tracy Townsend at Gunn Acura to get his price. His info is in the "Company Directory" portion of the FAQ.

Tracy won't need it, but if you need the part number, it's 74820-SL0-305 according to the "part numbers" section of the FAQ.

Both sets of struts (trunk and engine hatch) seem to go and need replacement after about six years or so.
Thanks for the help guys. I ended up checking with another acura dealer closer to D.C. and found the shocks for 85.00. I am not sure what was up with the first dealership.
"I'd be interested to know how easy the window strut install is after you complete it."

well I just finished the intall a few minutes ago. It wasn't hard at all. All you need is a 10mm and 12mm wrench and something or someone to hold the glass section up for you. The only problem I had was the driver side shock had busted and leaked oil all over the place so I had to clean all that up. The total job took only 30 min max.

NSXMAN It was Chantilly Acura that I had the problem with, but I am not really sure that they understood that I wanted to do the work myself. They were rude with me so I didn't bother with them and went to Radley Acura instead.

I see dealer response has not changed much in 10 years.

One of my all time favorite NSX comments came from a tech at Radley Acura in 1990... "No tinker with NSX."

Yeah right.

Congrats on getting your struts fixed.
I took one off and visited the local Western Auto--it is now Parts America or something like that. I found one that matched close enough and they were 12 bucks each. No such luck so far on the trunk shocks. I am on my third set and would love to get them cheap!!
Anyone know where?