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Team dynamics staggered 17' / 18' set up with nitto nt-01 tires. Track / grip ready

27 August 2014
I recently sold my NSX, so now no need for this set of wheels.

EDIT: New Cost for these items was $2,300
EDIT: I am moving lowered price!

SELLING for $750 + Shipping.
Recommend Local Pick Up.
Shipping would probably be about $80-150 depending on where it is shipped.

- Note Will use a customer shipping account, but $20 to get packaged for shipping(wheel protection etc).

email me please: [email protected]


Rims: Team Dynamics Custom Ordered Model PRO RACE 1.3
Front 17 x 8"
Rear 18 x 9"

Tires: (more info)
Nitto NT-01
275/35 18”
Inside: 1-3/32nds
Outside 3-6 / 32nds

Nitto NT-01
205/40 17”
Inside: 2-5 / 32nds
Outside 3-6 / 32nds

The Good:
These are a VERY low maintenance to clean / look nice. (this was one of my favorite attributes, they always look good, even if your car has brakes which make a lot of dust)
Unique: There are simply NOT a lot of NSX's with this set up, providing a personalized look.
Value: Very low cost ready to use set up.
If you decide to remove and remount tires there is a fair amount of life left in the rears. The Fronts as is have a lot of life left.

The Bad:
There is a small curb rash on one of the front wheels (easily hidden if you were to use a little bit of paint or touch up).
There is a small bend in the outer lip of one of the rear wheels. The tires does not leak and They balanced out perfectly.
The rears, if not flipped (which they are marked "in /out" which is more for camber control) have about one track day or 2-5K miles left before they need replacing.

The Ugly:
I miss my NSX. (off topic)
Not recommended for heavy rain driving and NOT for cold temps.

The WIN:
A solid set of unique rims in the perfect offset with super grippy tires to give the ultimate in performance for you NSX.

More about Wheels from manufacturer:

The Pro Race 1.3 - Ultra lightweight heat treated race wheels.

The Pro Race 1.3 wheel from Team Dynamics has been specifically designed for high performance car marques including Porsche and Corvette. This wheel has been manufactured to meet the demanding needs of race teams throughout the world.

These cast aluminium wheels are specially heat treated to ensure maximum strength whilst minimizing weight making them ideal for the road or track alike. Feel the extra control and improved handling due to reduced unsprung weight which will help lower your track times. Available in a variety of sizes, fittings and colors.


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Located near Tampa, FL.

The rims are: 17x8.0 +38 and 18x9.0 +25

They WILL clear the Comptech Indy Brakes (as I had on my car) and BBK AND are Hub centric for NSX design. The rims are a mix of High Strength and Light Weight, and tip the scales at 19lbs in the front, and 23lbs in the rear.