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Team Toyo NSX - brave new look!!!!!

hahahahahahah...... minus 10000000000000 "points" also because i am an attractive fellow (right Oyagi :wink: )... you guys crack me up...

<----------------------------- track pic...lol
i do track this car quite a bit... and its a lot of fun!!.... i do however swap out to smaller 17" Volk Te37 with Toyo RA1.... and this year Toyo R888!!!! I run Endless race pads and they are more than sufficient for the power of this car... I will be installing a mini 6pot Endless kit this summer..

AGAIN, as this is a driven and enjoyed car (not a garage queen) keeping the interior perfectly clean is not a high priority... lol... :rolleyes:

as for the stickers, they are Toyo Tires Official logos... hence the freeeee Tires they give me!!! Wouldn't you put on some REMOVABLE vinyl for very very expensive tires... :tongue:

I think it's come together nicely! And I think some of the comments here are sarcasm at it's best(or worst)? :tongue:

I'm Canadian as well, born in Toronto.

Btw, sending you a PM.

- Zishan
If I were going to go with red wheels on a red car, they would have to match the car color. Pretty brave move, I think if they matched it would look better.