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Tein RE Coilovers

20 January 2004
Tein RE
21-position. The shock body adjusts ride height, adjustments don't affect the spring rate. Springs are the standard 10/12 kg. These feature an aluminum body and are very light, they save 29 lbs over the stock NSX suspension.
These have been used for about 5k miles and are like new. The set is $1674 from vendors, price is $1200.

[email protected] or PM me on Prime. Buyer pays shipping.


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What type ride did you get with this setup as opposed to stock? I wouldn't mind the lowering effect but I do not want a noticably stiffer ride since I don't track my car (daily driver). :)
The ride is definitely stiffer than stock, depends what you're looking for. These are more for performance than comfort.
Thanks for your honesty..

I'm more into looks and I like the look of the teins but wouldn't want to hurt my daily driver in the area of street comfort. :biggrin:
* Sold *