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Tein top hats with oem springs / shocks?

27 February 2007
Edinburgh, U.K.

After lowering the car many years (15?!) ago, I've moved somewhere with bad roads and want to reinstall OEM springs.

The car was lowered with a Tein kit of some sort, I forget which. I'm pretty sure it currently has a Tein top hat installed as it is green. I've got a stock suspension set, also bought a few years ago, but it has no top hats. Before I pull the suspension off to fit stock, will the Tein hats mix and match with stock springs and shocks?

Cheers in advance for any help.

You're likely on Tein coilovers and the top hats will not be compatible with the OEM suspension as typically coilovers have a lot narrower springs. I would order new OEM tops hats if you do go with the stock suspension swap but if you're running coilovers you could raise the ride height to help with the bad roads too.
i have a good used set of 4 OEM tophats available $300 shipped USA