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Texas Z Track Day at MSR - Late June

$150 sounds pretty cheap for MSR Houston.

I take it that it's not a full day of tracking based on the below info?

"Main Event - Track & Shine: $150.00
- As much track time as we can provide for each run group on Saturday.
- Lunch
- T-Shirt
- Goody bag
- Participation in the Show & Shine
- Ice Cream Social"

I'd definitely be interested if you can get more info as to the exact schedule for the track day as far as how many sessions each run group will have.
I talked to my friend who owns the 350z and is helping them set it up, he says there will be a full day of track time (9am-5pm) and the reason it's less costly is because the private club has rented out the track for the day and BP Castrol is co-sponsoring it with them. They are trying to keep it to a minimum amount of groups (based on experience level) with a minimum of 4 runs per group, but it will depend on the final count of cars. They are also capping the total number of cars, but I hear they are estimating for 50 cars. More info as it develops and the cars sign up.

Also, note that this is the pre-registration price by June 12. I think you can contact the guys through their website and they should respond, and if you want to talk to my friend just let me know and I'll put you in contact with him.
Alright, I'm signed up and it looks like there isn't going to be a huge turnout so there will be plenty of track time! My friend says there will be 3-4 groups running... Matt, bring yourself and your car! I think the earlybird deadline is coming up very soon.
How'd it go?

A guy on the S2000 forum mentioned that they let green students drive out there on the track without instructors. That doesn't sound so safe to me.
It was pretty good, I was in green group and I saw a lot of people lose control of their cars and spin out into the grass after I let them pass me! I drove with the targa off on the warning of the instructor that it could pop off during hard left-right cornering and chassis flex, do you drive with yours on? I would prefer to since it felt a little wobbly otherwise. We got 7 runs in for the day, 8 if you were in the higher groups because on the last run they just let everyone go, so it was pretty exhausting (but a great value). Lots of lessons learned on where I want to focus on improving my car! Where were you!?
I intentionally sat out and decided not to sign up. The first and main reason is I hate going to the track during the summertime. It's too hot for me.
The second is I prefer to go with groups that I trust (in terms of safety) such as Drivers Edge or Performance Driving School at TWS. There's enough to worry about when out on the track and I don't want to worry about a poorly run track date. I'm not saying that this Z event was like that since I have no clue. I just prefer to go when I know the organizers and how they run a track event.
Just my own opinion.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time out there. As far as the whole targa deal goes, I used to like running with it off but now I prefer to run with it on. I feel safer (although it's a false sense of security).
I hope we can get a bunch of local guys to come out when the weather gets cooler. Our cars are a ton of fun out there on the track.
Thanks for your feedback Amer.
I drove with the targa off on the warning of the instructor that it could pop off during hard left-right cornering and chassis flex, do you drive with yours on?

Is this some kinda joke? I mean does your instructor own a NSX and has his top "popped off"? If the car was designed to do 170 MPH with the top on then I am sure it can do 110 MPH at MSR -Houston!

BTW, I have tracked my NSX for 6 years and have never heard of this happening. My car tops out at 142 on the Nascar Banking at TWS before a HARD(I MEAN HARD) infield transition. I have never had an issue or heard of this!!
Nope, not a joke. He didn't mention that it was an NSX he was talking about specifically, he just said if you have a targa top you might want to watch out because he's seen it happen (didn't say which cars). I just thought it best to not take the chance, I would really kick myself in the rear if it happened and I had been warned beforehand. The car really suffered with the top off I felt so next time I'd like to try it with the top on if I can feel confident it won't be a problem.