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TheDon's Off Off Broadway Theater Event

21 March 2000
Allentown, NJ
That's right folks. Yours truly will be performing (in the pit which is on-stage) in Messugah-Nuns.

If you are familiar with the musical NunSense than you know what this is about. This time the Little Sisters of Hoboken are on a cruise and wind up being the cabaret act. Corny but cute.

Where is it: Off-Broadstreet Theater in Hopewell NJ (a charming small
town near Princeton)

When is it: The show runs July 8 - August 20. Fri & Sat at 8pm;
Sunday's at 2pm.

Extra added bonus -- YOU GET DESERT! Yes, it is a desert theater.
Doors open an hour early for folks to enjoy desert and coffee (byo wine,etc.). Seating is cabaret style (tables and chairs).

RSO34, PaperBear, and Climberao have shown interest in attending the
show (only if there is chocolate cake).

Tickets are approximately $25 (paid in cash at the door), but you are
required to reserve seats in advance. The shows often sell-out.

So once my friends decide on the date you wish to attend, I will make the reservations.
We should start looking at dates to finalize our plans and give ourselves enough time to buy the tomatoes. Peter and the lovely Sylvia are open for most dates so chime in on preferences.
That probably would make the most sense for everyone because that would allow everyone the chance to take a "leisurely" drive down and back without too late of a return trip.
Sunday August 14th almost sold out. If you have a date in mind, let me know and I'll check on availability.

Ya won't want to miss the show of the year!

BTW, just read in the paper that the actual Duke Estate (Duke Gardens from Bridgewater Acura Day) is now open for public tours. Could be a nice addition to Theater Day....
Why doesn't Bags want to see my show :confused:

Theater is closed Mon/Tues so I'll still waiting for confirmation that there is room for all of my friends on the 14th.
Good news - the following folks are confirmed for Sun Aug 14th.

Alan and Roberta
Peter and Sylvia
Bob and Anne

There are a few seats remaining for this performance so anybody else who would like to attend must contact me soon before this day is sold out.

Hi Don,

I wish I could come see you perform. I am having my niece's Law School buddies over for a BQ that day.

"Break a leg", I mean "knock em dead" ahhh, have a great performance! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Hope to see you soon!

Cheers Rich
Wow Tony
Everyone is on her "bad" list. How do I get to qualify for the LIST :tongue: ???
It seems everyone who is ANYONE is on the list and I want to be there too :biggrin:
Don, were you able to confirm tickets for the 14th?? or do we have to pick another day like December 8th :eek:
Yes - the following fine folks have seats reserved on the 14th

Gene & Guest
Alan and Roberta
Peter and Sylvia
Bob and Anne

There are literally only a handfull of seats left for the 14th so contact me ASAP if you would like to join the gang and experience Off-Broadway at its finest!
Looking forward to the big shoe.

By the way we have been saving rotten tomatos and cabbage from the garden just in case :tongue: :rolleyes:

Sorry I missed dinner this week but now I know why I stopped commuting into the city every day :eek: