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Thumbs up to Brian K (nsxe-repair.com) for his new SRS repair service

28 January 2002
Saskatchewan, Canada
Tried to post this in vendor experiences with no luck so maybe more appropriate here. Most of us are aware of the capacitor failures that have affected the electronics in the BOSE amps; head unit; etc. I've even seen them in the TCS module and the SRS (airbag) controller. For years, Brian K has been helping out the NSX community by repairing the amps in a timely manner and for a very fair price. I'm starting to see more posts of SRS failures and I just wanted to remind people that Brian recently started repairing the SRS module and after 6+ years of staring at the SRS warning light on the dash, mine is now working again thanks to Brian. The SRS controller is a complex unit and it's my understanding that Brian went to the effort and cost to design and build some test equipment to ensure his fixes are done right. If you've ever waded through the shop manual for pages on diagnosing an SRS unit (like I have), you'll understand that this is no small task. And because of the way capacitor failures can cause misleading symptoms, if you have SRS problems, I highly recommend sending your unit to Brian if replacing the fuse doesn't work. My dealer diagnosed my problem as a wiring fault and I ended up replacing all the cabin SRS wiring (one of the worst DIY projects I've ever tackled) only to have the same problem reappear. Brian wasn't doing SRS rebuilds back then and I could have saved myself lots of cost and effort if he had.
Tks again Brian for your help and continued support.
This is great to know Ian. I've been dealing with the same issue since I bought mine too. It's about time I have this rectified. Brian did a great job with my CCU as he has with many others.
I have a 91 NSX and SRS unit is not working. does anyone out there have a SRS unit they can take a picture of so I can see the model numbers of the chips on the board?