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Thunderhill track day on 4/23

17 February 2000
San Francisco, CA
First I like to say sorry to Lud for reposting this on the general discussion.

We are in need of more participant in our thunderhill track day on 4/23. We are interested in more NSX participant since this event is sponsored by Niello Acura and others. We are lucky to get a sponsored event to get the cost down, eventhough the track raise the rent this year.

So, let's ditch work for 1 day and have fun in the track. We need people to register fast, by this weekend!
I'll be there with the NSX with the BaschBoost supercharger and some "secret mods".

I'll be giving rides as well to anyone that's interested.

-- Chris


Sign up for the Northwest NSXCA Track Event at Thunderhill:
I have signed up and sent in my payment,I don't know why I am not in the confirmed column? Whats up

Joseph Gavazza
99 White/blk NSX
92 Lexus LS400
Hmmmmmmmmmm indeedy!

We are awaiting Kirk, our treasurer, to make it back from Las Vegas (yes some of us vacation for a living LOL!) to check the POBox for a few more in mail registrations. Assuming some of the pending mailed their checks and the others have/will be cleared, we are currently at 32 at best. I know one sent his on-line applications a few minutes ago (what was he thinking it - just teasing us I guess) so with a few from the PObox we might hit 34-36!

We are still in the danger zone and I am crsossing my fingers for a few more. We have harangued, pushed, teased cojoled, enticed, befriended, schmoozed, ..... you name it we did it ......... we even got new sponsors, more accomplished NSX instructors/racers ...... it would be a shame to cancel it after all the effort put into it.

Unless it is the economy stupid, I can't figure this one out ........
Well, after going through some nail biting moments, we finally are going to bite the bullet and commit with a go thanks to many generous people and ideas.

As of this writing we have 41 registered students and we expect a few more in the coming days thanks to last minute arm twisting, schmoozing, etc., .... all because a few unfortunate people showed up at our club meeting tonight ........ LOL! Yes it was that close, we went to the meeting with a consensus that the event should be canceled, but then the emotions flowed and some felt guilty and others let their testosterone rule, we even tried to pressure the wives to pressure the husbands ........ hey whatever works to get to 40! And we had to make a formal motion, seconded, opened for discussion and finally vote on this - it was a unanimous vote with no dissent!

However, we are not out of the woods. At 41 we are still running below our targeted budget. In order to meet the targeted budget, the organizing committee will take some serious cost cutting measures with amenities and frills - most of which will be hardly noticeable to you. We are working on having the lunch be donated by caterers - this is the single most expensive item next to the track rental fee, we will use Action Writer (a Ken Sax suggestion heh heh) instead of purchasing car numbers - unless our sponsor really wants to donate these, and cutting other smaller expenses that may get us closer to a break-even point especially if we secure additional students.

I have also received a few private e-mails where people volunteered to donate an extra $50 in order to help us keep the track date given the estimated costs. We truly appreciate this gesture of support and confidence in our program, and yes, we will unabashedly accept such and any other voluntary donations to defray the costs. Please use PayPal or send a check in the name of NSXCA Sacramento Chapter. Others can volunteer to bring soft drinks, water for the instructors, etc. ....... it is your track event, so ask, contribute ........ And if you want to be recognized, we will be happy to do so both publicly and on our web.

So stay tuned for more details, and remember to schedule you cars for Tech inspection. Niello Acura is offering free tech inspection during the week of April 15. Please make an appointment before you show up.


Hrant Kouyoumdjian
On Behalf of the Sacramento Chapter and Organizing Committee
Originally posted by Hrant:
we will use Action Writer (a Ken Sax suggestion heh heh) instead of purchasing car numbers

For those who have never used it - this is the stuff that used car dealers use to write on the windows of their cars. Unlike shoe polish, it won't run if it gets wet, and it's easy to wipe off (like wiping off a marker on a white board). $10 for a big bottle. Great stuff. http://www.actionwriter.com