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"Titanium" keys

4 May 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
Anyone who knows where one can get a hold of an own fancy lookin' key? they doesn't seem to exist in HONDA Europe's manual. Can one get them by cc/mail from US?
Hi Swede
I had the same problem but finally managed to get a blank key for $150 Canadian. See August 19-th forum http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000432.html
Once I got the key, I had a hell of a time finding a dealership to cut the key. The key is very hard, and your typical key cutting machine will damage it. I even went to different industrial lock-smiths. Once I told them how much the key costs, they wouldn't touch it. I finally found a Lexus dealer with the proper key cutting machine that would guarantee a proper job. Good luck.
You can order the "Titanium" key blank from any Acura parts department in the USA. The part number is 35113-SL0-A11. It should be about US$100. Your local Honda dealer should be able to cut the key without a problem.

91 Black/Ivory #3012
Thank you guys for the input.
so on the ordering part, is David McDavid Acura in Austin, TX. the place to find them? I'll send them an e-mail to se if i can get one. Thanks a lot.
By the way, Lud, the car I bought "finally my own one" was set do be a late -94. I got the papers from Honda today and it is manufactured in November -94.
And I'm on clouds. It's a good thing I got ears, otherwise the smile would go all around the head!
If your car is manufactured November '94, then it wouldn't be a "late" '94 would it? I always thought the new model year cars came out starting October, depending what manufacturer you're talking about. So in this car, your car would be one of the first '95's produced right? Unless Acura/Honda still produces cars late in the year...Correct me if I'm mistaken.

Either way, enjoy the car!
is David McDavid Acura in Austin, TX. the place to find them? I'll send them an e-mail to se if i can get one.

You can order the part from any dealer in the U.S. However, the dealer that offers great prices and does a lot of e-mail and mail order business is Gunn Acura, where Tracy Townsend is the Parts Manager. That's where I would recommend. Contact info is under "Gunn Acura" at http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Reference/companydirectory.htm

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If your car is manufactured November '94, then it wouldn't be a "late" '94 would it?

I believe manufacturers can make a car within twelve months of the actual model year. So that, right now, there are some 2002 models on the market (you'll be able to buy a 2002 RS at your Acura dealer next month) and they can still manufacture a model into the following calendar year.

To determine for sure the model year of an NSX, check the tenth character of the VIN. If it's "R", it's a 1994 model year car.
OK, It looks like I have caused some stir here about the year-model of my NSX. I'll try to straight it out. This is the short version, with an extra twist that occurred today :) . In Sweden we used to have the exact same system you have in the US regarding models, a 2000 car can be sold in -99 but we had a 6 month limit before the actual year change. Now (since 1/1-01)we have the EC-c**p with "Common" rules. So now it's up to the buyer to check the "Manufacturing year" of the car. So a 2001 car that remains unsold and unregistered can be sold as a 2005 car. (if it's sold in 2005). This is the system they have for example in Germany. The year model is now called "first registration".
So, when I bought my NSX (from Germany) I tried to check the year by the letter in the VIN, -no luck. in Europe Honda don't use the letter-system. Instead they use some (seems like random) numbers. So my VIN is JHMNA11600T300043 the 10th is a zero! so when I went to the Swedish registration office they couldn't se what year it was so I had to get a Year model certification from Honda. Now, the best part, there was no -95 NSX sold in Sweden. If that had been the case, my car would have been a -95, but now, it will be a -94 ;-) but that doesn't matter, I LOVE my car and wouldn't swap it for any car in the world.
Anyway, here is the twist:
Today I finally got the car into the Registration system, and called my insurance company.
-yes we like to insure your MOTORBIKE!!!
-say what?
..some coconut at the Registration office have probably never herd of an NSX and thought it was a MC. So for anyone that knows the Swedish gov. system, I'll have at least a 4 week job to try to convince them my NSX is a car!!! and no insurance during this time.

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