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Wheels TSW Interlagos Wheels and NT01 Tires

8 October 2001
St. Louis, MO
I have a set of TSW Interlagos rotary forged wheels with staggered fitment 17" Front and 18" Rear. The Interlagos is a strong and light weight wheel perfect for track duty. These were used as a track setup and have brand new NT-01s mounted on the front and NT-01s with about 14-16 heat cycles on the rear. The fronts have never been scrubbed and are new. The rears are just now worn to the outer edge tread block, this is when they start to get good, I average 35-40 heat cycles on the rear with NT-01s so there is lots of life left in these. YMMV based on alignment, track surface, and how hard you push your tires. You can see the close up of the rear wear and my alignment is perfect as wear is flat and even from inside to outside of the tires. I run through about 3 sets of NT-01s a season and have been running them for 5 years so my setup is dialed in for their use. If you grab the entire combo this will be a cheap setup for a track tire and wheel setup.

I would like to sell as a complete tire and wheel setup but if I can find buyers for the tires as well as the wheels I will separate the set and ship to the two buyers.

Wheels are in perfect mechanical shape but do have small scratches from mounting and hauling over three years of track use. They are finished in Matte Black. No dents, no major scratches and balance out without issue. I do not have all the center caps but are still available from TSW and I can assist with getting them if need be (you should not run center caps on track as they will not stay on). I have my own tire machine and balance machine so if you want to buy two new rear NT-01s and have them shipped to me I will mount and balance the new rear tires and then ship the set to you, but this would be a waste of a good set of rears as they should go quite a bit further before they are done. If you track this setup and push the car hard in the corners the fronts will lightly rub the inner fender liners if you run the 235 size front and have the car lowered below .75" from stock height. I run at 7/8" lower than stock and have had the same fender liners in for 3 years so they just barely rub with the widest tire setup up front. Run 205's and they will not rub at all.


Front Wheel: TSW Interlagos 17" x 7.5" +45 5x114.3 bolt center
Rear Wheel: TSW Interlagos 18" x 9.5" +40 5x114.3 bolt center

Front NT-01: 235/40/17 Brand New
Rear NT-01: 275/35/18 Have 14-16 heat cycles on them, but have lots of life left.

So the pricing options are as follows:

Wheel and Tire combo - $1100.00 +shipping +PayPal fees (or local pickup in St. Louis) NEW PRICE $1000.00
Tires only - $450.00 +shipping +PayPal fees (or local pickup in St. Louis) NEW PRICE $400.00
Wheels only (set of 4) - $750.00 +shipping +PayPal fees (or local pickup in St. Louis) NEW PRICE $700.00



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