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Tucson: who did I run into on Kolb on Wednesday 9/3/08?


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23 April 2003
I didn't catch a name or a number... drop a PM.

We need a Mt Lemmon run so I can meet the locals here sometime.
Not sure what you mean "run into". I daily drive my red '91 on Kolb.

Anyway I'm in for a Mt. Lemmon run any time.
This was somebody who flagged me down at a stoplight. 30something white guy driving an scion Xb. If I recall, he said he had a 93 and lived off houghton somewhere.

Thought we might all get together sometime for a little meet and greet?
I'm coming into town with my wife for Thanksgiving to visit with our family. Are you guys going to be around? We are thinking of bringing our cars for a fun road trip, my 04 NSX and her 08 S2000CR.

MJK, either way I would love to meet up with you while I am in town. I am thinking of doing the Zanardi suspension, NSX-R bars and some kind of sway bar. I see you have a setup like what I am looking into. I would love to see how it feels.

Thanks and happy NSXing,

I'll likely be here.

Drop a PM and maybe we can get together for a drive or dinner.
Not sure what you mean "run into". I daily drive my red '91 on Kolb.

Think I saw you SB on Kolb just north of Valencia today at 5:40ish.

Looked good! We need to catch up sometime.
Thanks. That was me and my son going to weigh the NSX again. I'm down to 2750#. When are we all going to meet up and go for a drive?
I'm game - it apparently isn't going to be hard to find you!

I saw you again today NB on Kolb at 2ish.

I'll pm you contact info.